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Experiences worth discovering at Casa Maya Hotel Ninh Thuan
Ninh Thuan - The land with wild, mysterious beauty and Cham Pa cultural features is the ideal destination for visitors to have a relaxing and comfortable vacation. Along with the accommodation service are the special dishes from the rich source of marine seafood in the land of Ninh Thuan. Book Casa Maya for ultimate luxury and comfort. Whatever your purpose is here, we will make your stay truly memorable.

The perfect resort for your stay in Ninh Thuan

Modernly equipped with luxurious and sophisticated amenities in a harmonious space with a view to the sea, Casa Maya Ninh Thuan is a resort that offers many options to suit each resort's needs and budget. Friend.

Casa Maya Hotel Ninh Thuan has modernly furnished with luxurious and sophisticated amenities in a harmonious space that has sea views, the hotel offers a variety of options to suit your needs and budget.

With 60 resort rooms, from Superior rooms to Deluxe rooms are equipped with modern amenities for each room type. At Casa Maya, you will enjoy unique seafood cuisine and authentic local dishes in an airy space. Suitable for convalescence, meeting friends and partners, chatting while watching the blue sea. Relax in the outdoor pool and quench your thirst with your favorite drinks at Bai Kinh.

The sea here still retains its own wild, idyllic and attractive features. The soft white sand supports each step, immensity with the clumsy waves touching the long stretch of sand. Occasionally, the coconut trees move their arms slightly, stretching out their arms as if they want to play with the sea, swaying to the call of the clouds and sky, spreading an indescribable poetic corner.

At Casa Maya Hotel, the friendly and enthusiastic staff is always ready to serve you with all their heart with "sincere hospitality and love".

Booking a room at Casa Maya will lead you to exciting journeys of discovery and a memorable stay. You will surely be satisfied with the perfect service, and be served with love and hospitality from the heart of every hotel staff.

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Casa Maya Hotel
Casa Maya Ninh Thuan Hotel is 50 km from Cam Ranh airport, from the city center. Phan Rang 45km. Here you will enjoy the feeling of peace and relaxation. You can capture every moment of the beautiful sunset and sunrise and immerse yourself in the crystal clear blue sea. From the hotel, you can easily explore many attractive destinations of the sunny and windy land such as: Thai An vineyard (15 km), rai cave (15 km), Suoi Tien sheep field (15 km), stone park (20 km). ), Khanh Hoi white salt field (40km)…

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